Attacks earphones and China Conventional Medicine

The following is based on conventional therapy Traditional Chinese (TCM). TCM is based on the fact that everything is a combination of opposites: yin (cold cleaning) and yang (hot, construction), many of which we control through diet, exercise, sex, environment, thought, etc.
There are two types of ear infections, swelling (ear infections): internal and external. External otitis, also known as ear swimmers, impacts the outer ear. It is generally caused by an upper respiratory tract disease. Otitis media affects the middle ear (behind the eardrum), and is typical in young people. The eustachian (naso-pharynx and connects the middle ear) and auditory tube (connecting the ear to the back of the nasal cavity) regulate air stress, heat and humidity range. Low stress, the colder conditions usually improve the humidity, the water during the hearing, particularly in children, babies. Unwanted moisture, the water in the ear canals and Eustachian tubes can accumulate, stagnate and fester, attracting and feeding germs and viruses that inflame and pressurize the ear resulting in an earache: sharp, dull or throbbing pain, feeling of fullness in the ear and either a higher fever (as large as 103 F). Thin air cooler or conditions to improve the discomfort and illness.
The hearing (attached to the nasal cavity) are vulnerable to external attack or internal freezing and wet. The cold air and wet travels with the wind and easily penetrates the area of ​​the nose, the mouth hole and hearing. In excess, it tends to cause condensation at the hearing. Cold condensate. In features, frost in winter cools, it hardens and condenses the water in the air in rain, snow and ice. In our bodies, freezing liquid condensate in the entry area of ​​the nose, neck, head, hole by mouth, ears, etc. in water, mucus and phlegm. Germs and bacteria thrive in stagnant, the aqueous medium (mucus, phlegm, cysts, urine, etc.) prior to inflame and infect.

Middle ear infections are typical in children. The children are generally poor, freezing as they are still developing. This weakness, lack of energy, heat makes them more vulnerable to frost and wet, interior and exterior.
Internally, our bodies are warm in many ways through ingestion, circulation, locomotion, etc. which are all powered by heated blood, nutrients, amino acids and fats. Protein and fat build and food throughout the structure and function.
Digestion is a major source of heat within our bodies. Three meals a day to enable ingestion, acidity, mineral and bile in the stomach and small intestine (twenty-two feet long), which produces heat, much the same way, an engine warms up the car. Heat from ingestion of salt in normal voice, neck, mouth hole, the area of ​​the nose, head and ears, warming and drying.
The item (includes neck area of ​​the nose, head, etc.) are normally wet. Moisture, water facilitates the return of gases (oxygen, CO2. Too much or too little weakens the return, that your breath or stop the disease and its cause, swelling, etc.
Ingestion weak (common in children) produces less heat, resulting in a drop in a heat and cooling and moistening (water, mucus and phlegm) voice, the area of ​​the nose, neck, etc. characteristics, the conditions you freezing in the evening, night time they become thick and stops the water in the air in the morning dew. During the winter months months, freezing conditions often become, without water in the air in rain, snow and ice. In our bodies, the conditions become colder water, thick, firm voice, the nose area, the neck leading to mucus and phlegm.
Amino low, low fat (milk, natural, bungalow-style dairy products, beans, nuts and seeds), and large carbohydrate diets, excess, weakening, ingestion impressive and diluted (acid, enzymes), elimination (loose stools), respiration ( mucous, phlegm), hearing (water, disease, inflammation), immunity (the tendency to catch colds), dairy products and cereals etc. are freezing soaked as orange juice. Hot cereal with a little 'of nutmeg or nutmeg are more warming in the developing world.
The diet center, diet plan also herbs or spices (cumin, coriander, fennel, cayenne, nutmeg, etc.) is recommended. Use spices and herbs in broth, soups, desserts, spices, etc. to improve swallowing and dry-wet: excess fluids: mucous, phlegm, reduce stool, edema, cellulite, etc. cinnamon or nutmeg can be used in cookies, sweet. Vegetables, carrots, potatoes) and fruit (apples, pineapple, etc.) can be used as a sweetener, to reduce sugar cravings. Cooked foods, broths, soups, and amino acids stimulate, warm the body: the voice, the digestive organs, etc. Dairy, natural, dairy-type bungalows, ice cream, salads, tropical fruit, smoothies, milkshakes and frozen drinks impressive and dampen our bodies.
Garlic or peppermint oil drops into the ear are commonly used as dry water fighting disease. Ear cones, are used together for the same reason. The set can be found in the ear and burned. As the 'candle burning cone, absorbs water, dry the ear. There are several types of ear together. Ear wax may drip along with the excess wax at the hearing.

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